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Date(s) - 12/02/2017 - 12/03/2017
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Old Tucson


In December 2017, Tucson will make racing history! Shootout @ Old Tucson race, a spinoff of ESPN’s X Games and a nationally televised event, launches at Old Tucson.

The Shootout features UTVs (side-by-side off-road vehicles) competing on a specially constructed custom track designed specifically for UTVs

The event weekend will feature vendors, demonstrations and fan experiences related to UTV culture. There will also be entertainment on Saturday night.

The event is sanctioned by Speedleague, an international motorsports competition company, and will be broadcast on ESPN. The two-day event is expected to attract world-class drivers of international acclaim to the Old Pueblo, bringing world-wide attention to Pima County and Arizona.

Click here to buy tickets.

To learn more about Speedleague, visit www.speedleague.org.

NOTE: Normal park operations will be closed this weekend for the race.


  1. I’m not sure this area can support the trafic and noise that one would expect from an event like this. There are already venues in the Tucson area that would be much better suited to a racing event. My biggest concerns are noise, dust and traffic congestion.

    • Mr. White,
      Thanks for your comments. The event is not expected to generate much more traffic than our Nightfall event or when we do a concert. There will be noise, for short heats throughout the day, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. There have been a number of times I have been walking around Old Tucson and the training of the Black Hawk helicopters fly over giving us about the same levels.

      Old Tucson was built as a film location and hosts a number of events throughout the year and can do more! We were chosen for our visual assets that provide a unique backdrop for this kind of race (we do not ever want to become a NASCAR venue for sure!) It is an opportunity to really showcase the property and the region to an international audience and attract people to the venue. If Old Tucson doesn’t continue to evolve it won’t survive, and that would be a tremendous loss to the region.

      This is a new direction for Old Tucson, and we’ve had to evolve and change many times since 1939. We love our home and would not do anything to destroy the area that we love. We hope that you will keep an open mind this first year.

      • I agree with Gary White’s comments; and with regards to the Black Hawk helicopters, that training is needed and you cannot compare the two.
        I have been to the Nightfall event and past concerts; and again these events don’t have the noise level of racing cars. I know…because I use to drag race in Salem, Ohio at the Quaker State Raceway and you can hear the sound of roaring engines for quite a distance.
        I agree that Old Tucson needs to evolve, but an Off Road Grand Prix is not the answer, even if it’s only for a couple of days.

        • I am certainly not offering a comparison of the value of the black hawks vs. the race–was merely commenting on the noise comment. We know there will be noise during the day–I was also involved with drag racing in my younger days and these cars are not as loud as those! We do appreciate your comments on the event but it is confirmed for 2017. I want to again reassure you that we have worked closely with Pima County and would not have had the event approved had we not addressed traffic, noise, environmental concerns and the viability of the event overall.

  2. Gary and Sharon, understand that this is huge for our town. If you can’t handle the noise then please, do us all a favor and stay home. There are a TON of people that are very excited about this event. May cannot come fast enough!

  3. This is going to be AWESOME! I hope you get a HUGE turn out and make lots of money. I pray for a safe event for everyone. If it goes well, I hope it becomes a regular yearly, bi yearly or what ever event. I can’t go, but I will be there in heart!

  4. Mary, I am an active UTV owner and members of a very large UTV group Here in Tucson. I can tell you our group is excited to see an event of this stature coming to our “little” town. I also hope that you will be using existing roads and pathways and that no desert will be harmed to create this event. If you need any help with this event and are looking for knowledgeable offroad locals, Our group would be happy to help to help! We could not make the meeting but will try to attend any in the future or you can contact me here.
    Gary and Sharon, We are very respectful of the Desert area surrounding us. If you listen closely you will hear atv and utv vehicles riding almost every day in our area. Most have full exhaust setups and are not even close to as loud as a dragster. There are cars going down our roads daily that are louder. And we hear the Gun ranges almost daily, constantly. Being part of an entertainment company, I understand how Old Tucson needs to evolve to stay alive. Off Roading is HUGE in Arizona, as well as all across the United States. I hope that you can embrace this sport or at least tolerate it for 3 days out of the year. This will bring thousands of people and dollars to our local economy also. Which we need very much!

    • Carla,
      Thanks for reaching out. No, no riding in the desert. The track will be laid within the existing footprint of Old Tucson, north of the Grand Palace, and all within the train tracks that circle the active areas of the park. Please email me contact info at mdavis@oldtucson.com and we’ll call you as things progress. May be an opportunity to involve your group somehow!

      • Mary,
        Thanks for all the info here. Can you tell me how long the course is? Do you know when it will be televised on ESPN? Will there be outside vendors at the track? Such as UTV parts vendors? Living in Tucson, I have not seen or hear any advertisement for this race. I happened to “stumble” on this info on the internet a few months back. Has this event been advertised locally?

        • Hi, Kevin. Sorry I missed this note! The race has been moved to December 2 & 3. It is being redesigned for UTVs specifically and will be a short, tight course–that is all I know at the moment. There will be a Vendor Village for businesses to purchase exhibit space. I’m not sure about the ESPN coverage–that is all being handled by Speedleague, the race organizer. Advertising will come as we get closer. Expect driver announcements over the next couple of months!

  5. Did the date of the this shootout event change? I have tickets already and it would be nice if someone had clarified whether or not it’s still going on in May or December now.

    • Brian, our apologies. We just sent out notification of the date change and completed updating the system. TIXR should be sending out a notice that the date has been changed by Speedleague. Your tickets will be honored on the December dates, or if you are unable to make the race TIXR will offer you a full refund. I’ve sent them a note to make sure all customers are notified right away. We hope to see you at the race in December!

      • I have had tickets for this event since before it’s original March date. I received an email with a date change when it got pushed to April, but never received anything about it being pushed to December. This event has been nothing but frustrating. I will definitely be looking for a refund now.

  6. I have had tickets for this event since before the original date in March. I received an email about the date changing to April, but have not received any kind of notification about another date change. If I hadn’t researched it myself, I would not have known at all. This event has been nothing but frustrating, tixr seems like a poorly run ticket system. I just hope I will be able to get my money back now.

    • Candy, it will be a UTV event. That is a big part of why race organizer Speedleague moved the event. Lots of drivers and sponsors were looking for that type of event, which hasn’t been done before.

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