Click here for a sample schedule.  Schedules and availability of shows and attractions at Old Tucson is subject to change or cancellation due to seasonal variations, film projects, or private events that may be taking place in the park.


Film History

Visit our Old Tucson Story Museum to learn the amazing history of Old Tucson and see original costumes worn by the stars of legendary television series including Little House on the Prairie and Bonanza. Let our set historians help you explore the streets that many of your favorite television and movie stars have traveled in over 70 years of film and televi sion history. You’ll also learn about Old Tucson’s very own “silent” movie star, The Reno locomotive! Proudly stationed at the north end of town, The Reno has more than 100 film and television credits.

For information on Mescal set tours, visit and scroll down to the bottom of the page.


Camera Crane and Reno

Film projects from yesterday…



…and today!

Historic Tours

Join our tour guides for a look at Old Tucson’s 75 years of film history.  Highlights include locations where  some classic films were shot – including three John Wayne westerns.  A video tribute to the Duke to commemorate his 100th birthday is available for viewing throughout the day in Rosa’s Cantina.  Please not that on occasion this presentation may be unavailable.

IMG_3784Historic Tour


Old West Shows

Whether it’s drama, comedy or music you’re hankering for, our cast will fill the bill. Enjoy gunfights and stunt shows based on traditional western themes as well as can-can musicals in the saloon featuring Lady Vivian and her girls.  And how could you be in the old west without a visit from a snake oil salesman?



Local Heritage & Culture are woven into Old Tucson’s history. This photo captures the beauty and movement of the beautiful Mexican Folklorico dance.


Old Tucson’s saloon musical features the Folklorico Dance and Original CanCan – a family friendly performance with singing and dancing. Join Miss Vivian and the girls for a rip-roarin; good time!




History of the Silver Screen presents selected clips from movies made here coupled with songs from those films.

 Click here to  Enjoy a moving musical Memorial Day salute presented in May 2016.

Drama, Comedy & Stunts!

From dramatic interpretations of local historical true stories to stories based on movies filmed locally to pure comedy, Old Tucson’s actors engage audiences of all ages!

Classic dramatic tales of greed and betrayal.

IMG_2695AIMG_2717 IMG_2738Last Ride to Wilcox


Comedy and dramatic stunts!

big-screen-adventureComedy Stunt Show zip line

Comedy Stunt Show BlastComedy Stunt Show Kiss


Living History Presentations


Old Tucson Historians, in conjunction with the Arizona Sonora Western  Heritage Foundation, bring a dose of reality to Hollywood portrayals of life in the Old West. Our historians discuss a number of topics. A selection of recent presentations include:
  •   The American Cowboy – The Cookie of this outfit can tell you all about bein’ boss around the cookfire and second in command of the trail drives.
  • Sheriffs of the Old West – Keepin’ the peace in the wild west was no easy task! Visit with the Sheriff for a spell and learn all about it.
  • The Raucous Saloons – Saloons were among the first establishments to spring up in new towns. Learn about how they operated and the clientele that frequented them.

Chuckwagon Lvg Hist

Lvh History Sheriffs

Saloons in the Old West