Old Tucson is currently closed to the public.

Numerous adjustments to the facility and operations have been implemented in order to comply with Public Health Guidelines for Covid-19. These include seven major changes:

  • The 30 acre outdoor park has restricted the maximum capacity to 300 for this limited reopening.  (This provides an average of 4,356 sq. ft. per guest)
  • A few of Old Tucson’s buildings and attractions have been closed to the public. These buildings and attractions presented challenges to meeting CDC social distancing and sanitation guidelines
  • Buildings and attractions that are open have limits as to the number of occupants or participants that provide for social distance to be maintained
  • Entertainment Performances and Food Service HAVE been moved outside
  • Social distancing is established throughout the park.  Signs are placed throughout the park and staff will remind guests
  • Staff working at Old Tucson have been through a health questionnaire, received Covid-19 training and will wear masks and gloves in the park
  • Guests are required to wear masks at Old Tucson and be considerate of other guests. You are encouraged to bring your own PPE. We recognize these changes can be an inconvenience, but we encourage patience and support from our guests in helping us implement public health guidelines


  1. Employees have completed personal health questionnaire
  2. Employees in vulnerable age or health categories or those with concerns have the option not to work
  3. Employee temperatures are taken before being allowed to enter the park for work.  Any employee with an elevated temperature is not permitted in the park
  4. Employees have received Covid-19 instruction for personal health as well as guidelines for limiting social interaction
  5. Employees working in the park will wear face covers at all times
  6. Employees working in the park will wear gloves at all times


  1. Guests are required to wear masks at Old Tucson and be considerate of other guests. You are encouraged to bring your own PPE.
  2. Areas within Old Tucson that have high-frequency hand touch surfaces have an employee assigned to sanitize surfaces between any guest use.
  3. Entertainment is open air and located outdoors in different areas of the park. Entertainment has been modified to reduce performers direct engagement with each other or guests
  4. Food stations have been set up outside for ordering and pick up service.  Queuing lines for social distancing are established. Subject to spacing requirements, outdoor seating areas are available for eating.   There are some indoor seating areas which provide for social distancing.
  5. Attractions will limit the number of guest participants in order to accommodate social distancing
  6. On-line ticket, food and merchandise ordering is available
  7. Water fountains are closed, bottled water will be available
  8. Each restroom has an designated sanitation attendant