Old Tucson Company offers producers two exclusive Arizona Western production locations, Old Tucson and Mescal. Old Tucson, located 12 miles West of Tucson, is a complete Western town spread out over 300 acres in the beautiful Tucson Mountain Park and Saguaro National Park. Mescal, just 45 minutes South of Tucson International Airport, is an 80-acre, open prairie, Western “ghost town” set located near Benson, Arizona.

Old Tucson

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Old Tucson Overview: Old Tucson offers a complete Western town set with 75 buildings, including 32 practical buildings. The 320-acre location is located in the Tucson Mountain Park in the Sonoran Desert.

Location: 12 miles West of downtown Tucson.

Amenities:  Phones, power, water and restrooms.

Also available:  Security, wardrobe and catering.

Southwestern Street:  Mid-to-late 1800’s period. Wooden and adobe buildings line dirt streets.

Saloon and Hotel: The exterior is a two-story building with a balcony on three sides. Interior features a bar with a staircase capping the left side. Three mirrors are located behind the bar. The staircase leads up to an interior balcony and three hotel rooms (unfinished). The balcony also features several opera boxes looking down onto a performance stage located at the front of the saloon.

Town Hall: Two-story building. Interior features a courtroom and assayer’s (bank) office.

México: Mission facade. Practical Mexican hacienda-style building with barn and beautiful mountain backdrops covered with saguaro cacti, mesquite trees and other desert scenery.

Reno Locomotive: An 1872 4-4-0 locomotive and tinder car cosmetically restored. Train rolls, but not under its own power.

Young Riders Park: Modern amusement park area features an early 1900’s carousel, miniature antique cars and tourist train.

Rodeo Grounds: Working rodeo arena. Also features concert stage (set back from arena). Arena would fulfill needs for early 1900’s to present day.


Mescal Overview: Mescal offers a complete Western town with 44 Western buildings including several practical buildings. Buildings include a bank, sheriff’s office, ranch houses, farmhouse, jail, two saloons, corrals, two-story hotel and an 1860’s fort. The 60-acre location is in a high-desert plain that easily represents terrains throughout the American West. Sweeping vistas and majestic mountains can be seen (or not) in the distance. Property is surrounded by open range owned by the state of Arizona.

Location: 45 minutes from Tucson International Airport.

Amenities: Due to the property’s remote setting, production company must arrange for power and restroom facilities. Phone lines are installed; activation is required.

Also available: Security, maintenance and wardrobe.

Southwestern Street: 1860’s to early 1900’s. Elevated town provides flawless sight lines where subjects appear dramatically over the horizon. Wooden structures provide a variety of looks including frontier town, ghost town or mining town.

Sheriff’s Office: Practical interior features rock walls and a cell with a dirt floor.

Civil War Fort: Classic Western fort features a main house, officer’s quarters and two barracks. Rustic adobe wall surrounds front of the fort. Corral adjoins fort.

Ranch: This ranch features a main house, quarters for ranch hands and a barn (built slightly at an angle to appear as if it’s ready to fall down). Two movable water wells are also near the house.