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  1. 60 years ago I use to live on Ajo, across from Goverment Height School. As a child I went to Old Tucson alot.We moved back to Ga in 1959 . Seeing your ad brought back a lot of great memories. Sincerly Ann Adair

  2. Loved Old Tucson! It was a blast! My sister, friend and I went today, not knowing what to expect, and created so many memories. We had only been in the park for a little bit when we first met George (a security guard I believe) who made sure to tell us about all the things that we would enjoy in the park. Over the course of the day we ran into him time and time again, and he would chat, joke, and give us information about the events of the day. He was so sweet. Great customer service!
    The stunt actors in the shows were hilarious, they loved to interact with the crowd, and got the crowd laughing in all the shows.
    We spent much longer there today than anticipated because we were having so much fun. 😀
    Highly recommend it be added to your next trip to Tucson.

  3. I first visited Old Tucson in 1975 as a 13 year old. In 2012 I went again with my children. This year we made the trip again. It’s a great place for a western movie fan and my kids love it too! Don’t miss the gunfight at the Spanish mission. Great fun.

  4. Old Tucson is like a wonderful cactus flower with many fascinating layers. If you just want to enjoy the feel of an historic cowboy set, it’s there. It has the most beautiful Southwest gift shops I’ve ever seen. Photo opportunities? Charge up your camera and take off down any sunny street. I’ve visited Old Tucson with the group from the High Chaparral Reunion in 2015. The fans of the High Chaparral television shows had a wonderful time (Old Tucson was one of the show’s sets) and people from all over the world were there. We all loved it.
    Janelle Meraz Hooper, author

  5. My wife and I loved Old Tucson. We came home from our vacation and watched TV shows and movies filmed there to see all of the buildings.

    • Deanna,
      Interesting that you offer this comment at this time. This is something that Old Tucson is looking in to, but wants to do more market research to see if it something that would be popular with the area. If you have a moment, would love to discuss your thoughts more. You can reach me at Thanks! Mary Davis

  6. I visited old Tucson the second week in January 2016 it was a perfect western exp. I stayed for the whole day coulden get enough of it the next day went to tombstone nice but old Tucson was the better west place to visit the man that gave us the tour was so good I mean you could tell he knowed about this western town worth every penny to get in if you like western history put this on your list thanks, butch from north carolina

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Everyone at Old Tucson loves being here and sharing this wonderful history with our guests–we’re so happy to hear that it resonated with you!

    • We sure do! We’re coming down to the last part of the season so I would recommend you purchase a Wagon Wheel pass for next season–that is, unless you think you’ll be hanging out with us throughout the summer (we are open weekends May through Labor Day).

  7. We first visited about 5 years ago. but the heat of that day made the day not too pleasant for being outside.This March, we hit a wonderful day. The church show was great and the last gunslinger show was good. Enjoyed the shows at the “saloon”, also. One recommendation, when the girls sing too loud, the words are lost. We kept busy all day, and did not get to ride the train of stage coach. Next time,

  8. Never can I remember enjoying myself so much. Seeing places I have watching for over 50 years in movies was incredible and Marty’s tour was amazing. Oh by the way,Can someone tell Marty that I was correct…..Kirk Douglas did shoot Dennis Hopper through the window and not Burt Lancaster. Hahahaha God Bless you folks and we will be back to the desert very soon to see you. Thank you,John “Johnny Guitar” Daugherty

    • Thank you for the review! We’re so glad you had a good time. We’ll be sure to catch up with Marty and tell him you were correct! You sure do know your movies. We hope your return visit is just as good! And if you’re interested in special events, including some admission discounts, we can put you on our email list. We promise not to inundate you!! Opt out anytime.

  9. I am planning a trip to old Tucson. looking on the web page but I need to know how much it would be to ride the stage, and what do I get to enjoy for the 18.95?

    • Hello! I apologize for the delay in responding–somehow your request got overlooked. Your admission includes tours, live musicals in the Grand Palace, the train ride around the park and our cowboy stunt shows! The stagecoach is an additional cost: 12 years and older is $4 per person; 12 to 6 years is $3 and 6 years and under are free. Horseback riding is also additional and depends on the length of the ride. Panning for gold is also $4 per person. Hope to see you soon!

  10. I loved the Steampunk Convention Last year and i hope to go again this year. I love the shows and i loved the Style and just made me feel like i was at that time period. The CEO does a good job running the place and all the staff in it.
    – Lane Chappins

  11. Some years back, My wife and I got to visit Old Tucson while on vacation! We got to meet several of the stuntmen who work there at the time! One of them was a gentleman by the name of Ed Adams, and have seen him play in some of the last “Gunsmoke episodes!” Does he still work there, or has he moved on to something else? “Thank You, Sincerely, Wishing You the Very Best from East Texas, Larry Holcomb”

  12. My husband and I went to Old Tuscon Studios yesterday. We are from California but are staying for awhile in Yuma, AZ. We took a drive over to the Studio for a day out. What a fun time we had! There are many interesting buildings to look at, and something going on all the time. Informative tours with knowledgeable and entertaining guides, shows with enthusiastic actors and beautiful horses in the stables. My goodness, Sir William Wiley the elixir salesman is way too cute as is his assistant, Cornelius. The gals of Lady Vivian’s Dancehall are so talented and fun. We also did the haunted mine and what an adventure that was! We have never experienced anything quite like it. We are seniors and it was a bit of a challenge but the guide and others in the group let us go ahead so we would get more of the guide’s light. Just a fun, fun, day.

    • Mr. & Mrs. Ensley,
      Thank you so much for your note! That you would take time to drive from Yuma and spend your day with us is an honor, and an action we do not take likely. That we were able to provide you with such a wonderful experience is our greatest accomplishment, and one we strive to do for each and every guest. We all love to share Old Tucson with our guests. Thank you for letting us know we did so for you all. I have shared your comments with the staff. Enjoy Arizona and safe travels on your journey home.

  13. Eating a late lunch in the Pony Express. Because it was late, and spring break, they had run out of some items. Several customers were rude, and the staff handled it beautifully. They were gracious, and went the extra mile(like wrapping up food for a demanding customer.)

    Just wanted to give a shout out to these awesome employees!

    • Thank you so much! We love hearing that we had a positive impact on our guests. We believe we create lasting memories from the experience people take away with them after spending their day with us. You made OUR day! We’ve shared with our employees. Look forward to seeing you again soon!

  14. My cousin and I visited for the first time April 8, 2018. The tour was outstanding and fun. We had a real blast and a great way to celebrate my 60th birthday. I’m trying to remember the name of the mountain that’s in the background. I know the tour guide said that it was in several of the movies, but I just can’t remember the name of it to put on my pictures.

    Thanks for the enjoyable time.

    Cari Rowland from Amarillo, TX

    • So glad you enjoyed your visit! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. The mountain you are referencing is Golden Gate Peak, and it is one of the most iconic mountains in westerns! Hope to see you again soon–we always have different events going on at Old Tucson.

  15. My family and I are 22-year residents of Arizona – SE of Tucson. We have visited Old Tucson several times during those years and have enjoyed it thoroughly every time. I lived my early years in Southern California and my memories are of the many places to go and things to do all around the LA area (Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, beaches, etc.). Knott’s was my all-time favorite and I have fond memories of the park, starting in the late ’50’s and early ’60’s to the present, before it made the final transition into a major theme park when they built the wall around it. Old Tucson has much of the feel and fun of Knott’s and I intend to continue to visit Old Tucson whenever possible and start creating those memories for my grandchildren. I wish you continued growth and success and hope to start seeing some of the western-style entertainment venues (such as the circled covered wagon campfire concerts) that Knott’s used to have. Knott’s has lost that “Old West” feel, but I am seeing it grow in Old Tucson. See you on our next visit!

  16. My wife and I visited Old Tucson in March of 2018. We both love Westerns and our day in Old Tucson was incredible! We have talked about it every day since and recognize Old Tucson in Westerns all the time now! For any true Western fan, Old Tucson is a visit that MUST be on your bucket list! We plan to return one day!

    • Mr. Herrington,
      Thank you for the great note! We’re so glad you enjoyed your visit and plan to return. We are committed to ensuring every guest leaves with positive lasting memories of Old Tucson–from the sound of it, we succeeded with you and your wife! Look forward to seeing you again soon.

  17. Good afternoon. Quick question, are outside food/drinks allowed (in a cooler or backpack, etc?) I tried to find that answer on the site, but was having a hard time finding anything about that subject- what is allowed-not allowed at the park?
    Thank you

    • Lori,
      Outside food or drinks are not allowed but we have plenty of dining choices for you! You can bring in a bottle of water as long as the seal is not broken, or your own water bottles empty and they can be filled once you’re in the park. Hope to see you soon!

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