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Beginning June 2024, we are delighted to offer our new ‘Hollywood in the Desert’ tour and Kids Corral experience. Enjoy a 60-minute guided tour exploring the rich film and production history of our western studio and park. The tour will include multiple ‘Cool Spot Stops’ along the way where you can beat the heat and enjoy our film and television history museum, film prop exhibit, and numerous photo opportunities including a stop at our Grand Palace Saloon. Upon completion of your tour, children young and old will have the opportunity to explore our Petting Zoo as well as ride our historic Carousel. The Last Outpost Gift Store will be open for trinkets and souvenirs as well as ice cold drinks. Please check our PARK HOURS calendar for exact dates and times.


People say the grounds of Old Tucson are haunted by numerous ghostly entities. Spectors, sounds, sudden drafts, children’s laughter, full bodied apparitions and more have been on the lips of patrons and employees for decades. Now you have the chance to see for yourself. Old Tucson Haunted Ghost Tours leave the box office twice a night, on select dates. Grab your lantern and gather your nerves to hear the stories and legends of the ghosts of Old Tucson on this 90 minute guided tour. Ghost Tours leave the box office on select nights. Every patron gets a complimentary bottle of water for the journey. Tickets are limited, only available for sale online, and sell out quickly. Don’t wait, get your tickets now.


Are you a location scout or producer searching for the perfect film set? Look no further!

Filming at Old Tucson


Discover more about Old Tucson including the iconic films and TV shows that were shot here!

Strange Lady in Town 1955


Have questions about Old Tucson or what to expect? We have answers!

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