Old Tucson is currently closed to the public. While we are closed, our gift shop The Last Outpost will continue to be open from 4 – 7 p.m. daily! There’s great Old Tucson memorabilia and history information available, as well as take home food and beverages.

When we reopen, numerous adjustments to the facility and operations have been implemented in order to comply with Public Health Guidelines for Covid-19. These include seven major changes:

  • The 30 acre outdoor park has restricted the maximum capacity for safety
  • A few of Old Tucson’s buildings and attractions have been closed to the public. These buildings and attractions presented challenges to meeting CDC social distancing and sanitation guidelines
  • Buildings and attractions that are open have limits as to the number of occupants or participants that provide for social distance to be maintained.
  • Entertainment performances and food service have been moved outside.
  • Social distancing is established throughout the park.  Signs are placed throughout the park and staff will remind guests
  • Staff working at Old Tucson have been through a health questionnaire, received Covid-19 training and will wear masks and gloves in the park
  • Guests are NOT required to wear masks at Old Tucson, but are encouraged to bring their own PPE and be considerate of other guests. We recognize these changes can be an inconvenience, but we encourage patience and support from our guests in helping us implement public health guidelines
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Old Tucson Visitor Comments

Amazing… worth spending the day!
This place is so awesome! You should plan on staying here for the whole day… there is much to do… bring your camera and sunscreen! Loved it!!!
CW Dawson
If you’ve never been there it’s a Tucson MUST SEE!
So historic! So much movie history here! Such interesting and fun shows! An area from The High Chapparel tv show still there, and horseback riding. Rides for the kids, and the family MUST do the Train! Stay away from the Carnival Games area, unless you want to spend a fortune! MANY nice seasonal events, all done up really well!
Miss MaryMac
So much history, Loved it.
We had an amazing visit to Old Tuscon. It is a must if you are visiting the area. I definitely recommend you add this to your itinerary.
GCL97- Canada,

My kids love this place! They love to drive the old cars and ride the train. They thought the mine was cool too. Their favorite part was the gunfight show and the stunt show. I enjoyed the dance show show as well as the others.


To those of us of a certain age………..This place brings back a lot of old movie and TV Western memories. Really well laid out, expertly crafted buildings and some interesting sidebars to enjoy. This really conjured up the look of ‘The Old West’ and cleverly put you in the middle of a movie set/western town/theme park.

Ludlow- U.K.,

Long drive from Scottsdale but the mountain and scenery was beautiful. It feels like your in middle of no where but follow directions and get there. The stunt show was a great comedy act and my 3 year old loved


We hesitated at first, but decided to go and are glad we did. We really had a great time, better than expected.
Yes, it’s old and a little run-down, but that is part of its very charm, too. We loved being able to wander around the desert, go at our own pace, and ride the train as many times as we wanted. Their shows are not to be missed.

Patty J,
Was such a great experience!
My family and I loved Old Tucson it was out first time going there and we had so much fun. There is alot of stuff to do and things for the kids to do that they really enjoyed. We met this guy named Eric he was so nice and knowledgeable about the whole park. He helped us out a lot and showed us a few places we could not find.

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