Are you brave enough to meet the Ghosts
who haunt the grounds of Old Tucson?


People say the grounds of Old Tucson are haunted by numerous ghostly entities. Spectors, sounds, sudden drafts, children’s laughter, full bodied apparitions and more have been on the lips of patrons and employees for decades. Now you have the chance to see for yourself. 

Grab your lantern and gather your nerves to hear the stories and legends of the ghosts of Old Tucson. Each Ghost Tour will last 90-minutes, with groups limited to a max of 25 guests per tour. Our Guide will take you on a journey through our most haunted buildings and provide a chance to encounter our beloved ghosts.

Inside our buildings, guests will have the opportunity to conduct their own mini-investigations. Please feel free to bring your own ghost-hunting equipment such as spirit boxes, EVP recorders, EMF detectors, tracer lights, and thermal image testers.

Old Tucson Haunted Ghost Tours leave the box office on select nights. Every patron gets a complimentary bottle of water for the journey. Tickets are limited, only available for sale online, and sell out quickly, don’t wait, get your tickets now!