Take a step back in time at YULETIDE and experience a true Christmas extravaganza this holiday season!

Our holiday spectacular combines the magic of Old Tucson with stunning décor, period costumes, live shows, and interactive experiences. YULETIDE highlights the unique Wild West history of Old Tucson and creates a one-of-a-kind event that has quickly become an annual tradition for the entire community.

Experience Yuletide select evenings November 24, 2023 to December 24, 2023, from 5:00pm to 10:00pm.


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Yuletide Shows

Experience the joy of Christmas with our live productions!



Yuletide Kids

Explore magical holiday decorations and activities in the Old West!


Shows & Attractions

In 1866, the Claus family rode into the American West on a magical train car in search of the “West Pole”. Somewhere amongst the saguaros of Tucson, their magical train car failed. Until they could find a new vessel capable of holding the magic of Christmas spirit, they were stranded. As they created a series of magical bells from metal salvaged from their train car, the Claus family fell in love with this valley that would later become Tucson Mountain Park and decided it would make a fine western base, thus settling their own West Pole of choice. The West Pole would become the home base for many of the extended Claus family over the years, in addition to the sole location where the Clauses continue to manufacture their magical bells to this day.

Flash forward and Jack Frost has come to the West Pole seeking to take over the town and commandeer the magic of Christmas spirit for his own uses. Join the Claus family as they attempt to keep safe the magic of Christmas spirit and hold back Jack Frost’s icy advance!

Join Santa for a West Pole welcome and the ceremonial lighting of the tree! Let’s just hope Jack Frost doesn’t show up. Rumor has it he’s taken over part of the town nearby…

The Grand Palace Stage is home to The West Pole Bell Shoppe, where Santa’s sons and the St. Cloud sisters are hard at work manufacturing our magical bells. There’s one problem this year; Santa’s eldest son, Nicky, has fallen out of love with Christmas. Can Nicky’s Christmas spirit be rekindled. Come find out in this heartwarming 20 minute original musical filled with holiday songs new and old.

Jack Frost has taken over the depot on the north end of town, kidnapped Santa’s son Leslie and stolen his magical bells. Come find out if West Pole Sheriff Angus St. Cloud and his elven sidekicks have what it takes to vanquish Jack, rescue Leslie, and take back Santa’s magical bells.

Atticus Bartholomew Claus is trying to give a magic show only to be interrupted by a loveable dimwitted elf named Twinkle who just wants to participate. A funny and lighthearted show that kids will love.

Come hear the pitch from Sir William Wiley himself for the most magical elixir that ever existed in this interactive, hilarious 15-minute comedy happening at the Wiley Wagon in Town Square five times a night! “Sir William Wiley’s Miracle Elixir: If you’ve got a problem, it’s guaranteed to fix’r!”

Join us in the Grand Palace several times an evening for traditional Mexican Christmas music played and sung live on stage.

Gather to hear local choirs perform Christmas tunes on the steps of Town Hall.

Our Carolers will be ringing in the holidays all evening at different locations throughout the park with a wide range of gorgeous Christmas classics.

High atop Town Hall sits two holiday elves, keeping watch over the West Pole as they crack jokes and chat up the guests who pass below. If you’re familiar with Nightfall’s beloved gargoyles, then you’ll love the Roof Goofs — Yuletide’s new hilarious tradition.

Let our Mine Elves take you on a tour through what was, until recently, Jack Frost’s secret lair in one of the West Pole’s defunct iron mines.

Have you been good this year? Get your photo with Santa and tell him your Christmas wishes!

Come enjoy story time with Mrs. Claus and learn the secret of the key that will allow Santa to visit your home anywhere, even without a chimney.

Sing along to Christmas favorites on our horse-drawn hay ride!

Ride the train, enjoy the sights and lights, and hear the story of the Claus Family’s founding of The West Pole.

Enjoy a carousel ride to the tunes of the holidays.

Our talented artists offer various festive designs for a celebration of the holidays.

Kids will have the chance to win a prize by answering Holiday Trivia questions in our Holiday Snow-It-All Trivia Game Show!

As Santa Claus bids farewell, we’ll learn what became of Jack Frost’s antics.

From our scrumptious food, seasonal craft beverages, and tasty treats, there’s always something new and delicious to enjoy with the family at Old Tucson. We can’t wait to see you this holiday season!

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Please be advised that due to the operation and design of the park, large portions of the property are unpaved and have areas with uneven surfaces. This includes buildings and attractions that feature steps, dirt surfaces, and wooden plank surfaces. Due to building limitations, tight spaces, and uneven surfaces, some areas may not be accessible to those using mobility devices.

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Weather conditions can change unexpectedly so please monitor forecasts closely and bring appropriate clothing layers. During emergency situations, park employees will instruct guests to the closest shelter.


The desert offers a variety of wildlife. The park diligently ensures the containment and release of wildlife from the property. Be advised that you may encounter or run across wildlife while on park property. If you see wildlife, including snakes, coyotes, or javelinas, please keep your distance, and contact a park employee immediately.


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